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Post-natal Care

Delivering the baby is most exhaustic and emotional. Various physiological changes will happen in your body including hormonal changes and emotional changes. So even after delivering the baby you need that extra care which you were receiving during your pregnancy to restore to your pre-pregnancy health.

Post-natal care is very critical and essential in first few days after delivery. Your obstetrician will give you enough guidance about your personal care as well about your baby care. Post-natal care for mothers include monitoring and appropriate interventions for excessive bleeding, pain, and infection; guidance on breast care, breast feeding, newborn care practices, family planning, exercises & physical activity and also nutrition during breastfeeding; and counselling for health conditions such as post-natal depression including emotional support.

Post-natal care for newborns include immediate and exclusive breast-feeding, warming of infant, health and hygiene of umbilical cord, and periodic monitoring for health issues.

Talk to your obstetrician to know more about post-natal care.