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Please present to Calvary Hospital or Wagga Wagga Base Hospital, dependant on where you will be delivering.

Contact Details:

Obstetrics Patients delivering at Calvary Hospital call St Gerard’s Maternity Ward on: 69232289 for out of office hour’s advice & in the case of emergencies.

Obstetrics Patients delivering at Wagga Wagga Base Hospital call Maternity Ward on: 69386259 for out of office hour’s advice & in the case of emergencies.


If you have any concerns or questions you are always welcome to call our office during hours to speak to one of our friendly midwives. Out of hours or during weekends please call the appropriate maternity ward above to speak to a midwife.

It is important that your expectations about the way we handle your information are the same as ours. Please do not hesitate to discuss any concerns, questions or complaints about any issue related to the privacy of your personal information with Dr Lulania, or any of our staff.


Monday–Thursday: 8:30am–5:30pm
Friday: 8:30am-5:00pm
Public Holidays: Closed


I do take some holidays & conferences throughout the year to rest spend time with my family and to attend professional conferences and seminars. During these times either a specified local obstetrician or an obstetric locum will be relieving me for both on-call needs and booked consultations in my rooms.


Other siblings are welcome at all visits; we enjoy having them and have toys and books are available.


The Medicare Safety Net is designed to assist families and individuals with out-of-pocket costs for medical services provided out-of-hospital, which are under the Medical Benefits Scheme (MBS). Once you or your family reach the safety net threshold of out-of-pocket expenses totalling approximately $2000 within a calendar year, you are likely to be eligible for additional Medicare rebate amounts of an extra 80% of the out-of-pocket portion of medical expenses, in addition to the original benefit. Individuals are not required to register, however, couples and families are.

For more information on the safety net, or to register, please visit: www.medicareaustralia.gov.au. You can also register by calling 132 011 or visiting a Medicare Office. You can also ask our friendly staff for an information brochure at your next visit.


This fee is charged by all Obstetricians and is best described as your insurance membership. It ensures that Dr Lulania will be present at any time if you are ever admitted to hospital or delivering your baby.

The Medicare item number for this is 16590 and is defined as “Planning and management of a pregnancy that has progressed beyond 20 weeks provided the fee does not include any amount for the management of the labour and/or delivery, payable once only for any pregnancy that has progressed beyond 20 weeks where the practitioner intends to undertake the delivery for a privately admitted patient, not being a service to which item 16591 applies”.

It reimburses the Obstetrician for providing 24/7 cover and the disruption to their own lives and the lives of their family that this causes.

Some overseas private health funds will reimburse you a percentage or all of the PMF. It may be worthwhile checking with your fund.

If you have incurred more than $2 100 in out of pocket medical expenses (after you have claimed back from Medicare or your private fund) in a financial year, then, in normal circumstances, you will be able to claim 20% of any amount spent over $2 100 as a tax deduction.

This fee is claimable through Medicare once the amount is paid in full and you are 20 weeks gestation.


This fee applies to all Obstetrics Patients and Gynaecology patients having a procedure at Calvary Hospital. Please be advised that this will be an out of pocket expense associated with your upcoming procedure or Caesarean. This fee is for the use of a theatre assistant.

Please note that this fee is NOT CLAIMABLE through either Medicare or your private health fund.

  • OBSTETRICS This fee is to be paid as a deposit by 30 weeks gestation. If you do not require a Caesarean Section then this deposit will be applied to your post-natal appointment fee. The remaining balance will then be refunded to you in the form of a cheque.
  • GYNAECOLOGY This fee is to be paid to our office at your earliest convenience, no later than 48hrs before your procedure. This amount may be varied at the time of surgery, if so an account will be issued to you for the difference after the procedure is performed.


Schedule of Fees and Practice Billing

Our fees reflect those recommended by the Australian Medical Association and the National Association of Specialist Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. They take into account my professional services, the cost of running a practice and medical insurance. Please note that fees are subject to change without notice.

Please call or e-mail our office for current fees.

You will be given written financial and practice information prior at your first visit so you can financially plan for your pregnancy care.


We offer Medicare electronic claiming facilities, so you do not have to stand in a queue at a Medicare office for accounts. We can automatically claim your rebate for you after your account is paid at the conclusion of each visit. You will need to claim your rebate on the Management Fees yourself at the local Medicare Office or via the “MyGov App”.

Provided you have your bank details registered with Medicare, your rebates will be deposited directly into your nominated account. If you would prefer to claim invoices yourself, please let us know.

Consultations costs are only claimable through Medicare and are not claimable through your health fund.

We also have gap cover arrangements with health funds so we bill your fund directly for your delivery and postnatal care in hospital. Any hospital visits that are required while you are pregnant will also be billed directly to your fund with no expense to yourself. This saves you time and money.


Please note that we endeavour to be a cash free office. All major credit cards, EFTPOS and direct deposits are welcome.

If making a direct deposit, please pay to:

Riverina Women’s Health

BSB: 012 823 Account Number: 286005172 * Please put patient name as payment reference


As a patient, your personal information is handled in accordance with Dr Lulania’s Privacy Policy and in a manner consistent with privacy legislation. This document outlines how Dr Lulania will strive to protect the privacy of your personal health information. Dr Lulania regards your health information as confidential and she will only collect this information with your consent.


Information about your medical and family health history is needed to provide accurate medical diagnoses and appropriate treatment. The information collected from you will include details provided by you on the Patient Details form (completed prior to your first consultation), and the medical history taken by Dr Lulania. Patients are identified in this practice by name and number, with manual and computerised records maintained, and both electronic and hard copy patient documentation held with the practice.

The main reason we collect information from you is so we can assess, diagnose and treat your condition properly and be proactive in your health care. We will also use the information you provide in the following ways:

  • Administration of this medical practice.
  • Billing; including compliance with Medicare and Health Insurance Commission requirements.
  • Disclosure to others involved in your care, including doctors and other specialists outside of this practice who may become involved in treating you. This may occur through referral to other doctors, or for medical tests in the report of results returned to us following referral. If necessary, we will discuss this with you.
  • Disclosure to others for Medical defence if necessary.


You have a right to access your information. You may ask to view the information that is recorded, or ask for a copy of a part or the whole record. If you find that information held with us is not accurate or complete, you may have that information amended accordingly. A charge may be payable where the practice incurs costs of providing access. At your request, health information held by Riverina Women’s Health will be made available to other health service providers. If for any reason Dr Lulania denies you access to any part of your records you will be advised of the reason. Your medical files will be kept after your last attendance as long as is required by law.