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For Referrers



Patients will need to bring with them on their first appointment day:

  • A referral from the GP.
  • Recent antenatal blood test results, which should be requested by the GP once the patient’s pregnancy is confirmed.
  • A copy of the report from the dating scan and NT Scan, requested by the GP. This is to be performed at Regional Imaging Wagga Wagga, Imaging Associates Wagga Wagga or the closest Imaging Specialist.

Some patients who had previous complications in pregnancy or who are at a high risk of complications prefer to commence appointments with Dr Lulania from 8 weeks.

The first appointment can be booked for your patient once they have obtained a referral for Dr Lulania from the GP, the pregnancy has been confirmed and they have had antenatal blood screenings including ‘Pappa’ bloods.

Antenatal screenings should include: Blood Group and Antibodies, Hepatitis B serology, Hepatitis C serology, HIV serology, Varicella serology, Rubella serology, Syphilis serology, Gonorrhoea serology, Full Blood Count, (FE) Iron Studies, Vitamin D, Thyroid Function Test (TFT) and Urine (MSU).

The should have also had a Dating Scan with an Imaging Specialist, referred by the GP and discussed the optional screening for Down Syndrome (NT Scan) and had a request form given to them by the GP. This should ideally be performed at 12 weeks.

Your patient will see both one of our midwives and Dr Lulania at the same appointment at 10-14 weeks. This routine will occur throughout the antenatal services of the pregnancy. Patients are also able to call our rooms to speak with one of our midwives any time they have concerns.

Please note that all blood results and scans requested by you as the GP, need to be CC’d to Dr Lulania for checking by herself & the midwives. Our midwives will call all patients in the case of abnormal results for treatment / repeat test instructions.

We thank you for your valued support as referrers.


If you require an urgent gynaecology appointment for your patient please complete a referral to Dr Lulania and fax to 69 257 612 with the relevant scan reports and results attached. Dr Lulania will then triage this information.

Our reception staff will then contact your patient with an appointment date & time based upon the clinical urgency.

Please note that we always make every attempt to accommodate urgent patients, however as Dr Lulania has a busy obstetrics schedule, we do often have a waiting period for non-urgent gynaecology patients. We are always happy to place patients on a cancellation list and notify them of an earlier appointment if one becomes available.

We thank you for your valued support as referrers.